What are the types of frenzy sneakers that you can buy?

Sneakers refer to the kind of shoes which are primarily designed for different types of sports or various other physical exercises. But slowly, sneakers evolved and are now used for casual daily activities due to their comfortable feel and stylish looks. Other then the shops, there are various online sites such as Copdate, which offer you to select from a wide variety of snkrs as per your requirement. Moreover, there are various internationally recognized brands like Adidas where you can find sneakers which can match perfectly with your wardrobe.

Some snkrs include

·         High -tops sneakers which cover the ankles.

·         Low -tops or oxfords which do not cover the ankles.

·         Mid -cut sneakers which come in between the high tops and the low tops sneakers.

·         Slip -ons which are like low tops and they do not have the laces, nor do they cover the ankle.

·         High- top circular vamp oxford (CVO). These are like the high tops, but they cover the ankle and have a circular vamp.


While the original design of the goat sneakers was basic, the manufacturers triggered the interest and the requirements of the people and then modified these snkrs as per specific purposes. An example includes the shoes used in the running. These Adidas sneakers have spikes in them so as to make the perfect grip on the ground and the athlete can run faster. Similarly, there are various shoes which are specifically designed as per the game. These frenzy sneakers also come in various sizes so as every small or large foot can find a friend for it.


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