Choose Your Story game Not just for writers

Not only does this game give users the opportunity to create their own stories but it also allows them to read hundreds of stories that have been created by other likeminded users. This will help them to learn how to come up with a story and also to gauge for themselves as to how to take their own stories forward.


It is quite interesting to read all the stories because it gives us an insight into how a young adult’s mind works. It helps us gain an understanding of what sort of issues occupy them. Although these concerns might seem trivial in the larger scheme of things, nevertheless there is no denying the fact that adolescent topics such as fashion or relationships are pretty important.


From what I know, this game is quite popular with female teenagers. A large group of my friends in high school are currently playing this game daily. Adolescents are usually rebellious and might not truly open up to us about their lives but when they get involved in a game like Episode, it gives us a peak into their thought process. After all, the whole game is about helping the various characters make different decisions in their interactive story-line.


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