All you need to know about content locker

Content locker in general terms blocks access to a special content until any user completes a survey or specified action. You can select to lock a complete page or any specific content incompletes on the page. Theoretically, you need to complete the survey to unlock the specific content. There are total three types of locking content.

Social content locker:

This type of locker easily block access to specific content so that it will not get open until the user fulfill the action by sharing or liking your website on at least one chosen networks.  Users can tweet the content to share of face book page as well as on linkedIn.

Paywall content locker:

It has pretty simple concept.  It blocks the access until any users pays money to unlock it. You may think how people can pay for just unlocking the content and what will be the amount? The mount is very small as $1 or 2. You know even huge newspapers as New York Times also do the use of paywalls.

Email list content:

To gain the information in this user need to provide its email id in order to contract information.  it isalso one of the best locker for your website.


Social media: It can boost your shares and likes on social media.  it is the best way to promote your website or any other website.  So if you want your popularity of social media that must take the help of content locking.


 One of the biggest benefits is that you can generate revenue through it by the valuable users. You can easily convince them to pay money to access your content. If they were your valuable customers then they sure pay for it.


Many of the site owners use pay wall content locker and they really going successfully for their blog.  You can read some articles for free, however after passing some articles then you will get blocked content for that you need to pay to support the website.



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